The New Shed

The New Shed - Opening Day

We have been working hard on a new shed on the Hexagon Centre site. We already have two sheds - a workshop and a storage shed. For some time we have been planning a new shed to use as a meeting place, somewhere to sit with others - have tea/coffee, chat whatever. Not a workshop. Some people are not interested in that sort of shed, but a place to meet up and make new friends.

As you can see from the photos the base was dug out and shuttered by shed members. The work of mixing and laying concrete was very kindly completed by the Hexagon Centre.

The shed was ordered and installed in September thanks to support from the Co-Op, Waitrose and Tesco. A small team of members have been working hard on insulating, boarding and painting the interior. The "garden" area outside has also received a good deal of backbreaking work, and is going to look very good come the summer.