Chandlers Ford Men's Shed


Curious about Men’s Sheds? That’s why you are here?

Is something missing in your life and you are not sure what it is? Maybe you are retired, or on your own? Miss the routine and challenge of working life? You were valued, busy, and had a purpose. Do you have something to look forward to this week, or have an outing planned?

How about a couple of hours at the Men’s Shed - sound interesting? It’s great fun.

Somewhere for a cuppa and a place to talk. There’s a workshop, and tools. To make, to create, to share a joke, and laugh. If you would like a small project, or perhaps help someone else - this is the place to do it, and equipment to do it with. A group of men working together sharing knowledge, and learning new skills, forming new friendships. Chandlers Ford Men’s Shed is a young and expanding Shed, with lots of possibilities for expansion - there are lots of hobbies out there!

Come and have a chat. What have you got to lose? Come along to the Hexagon Centre (see the Where and When page) and see what we do. Or call Steve Dotterill on 02380-260616 and talk about it first, or use our Contact page.

You will be very welcome.